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Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Refresher Course

Since the early 1970’s, OSHA and EPA have been concerned with the health effects associated with asbestos exposure, This concern is based upon medical evidence associated with the inhalation of airborne asbestos fibers with various types of cancer and other respiratory diseases.

EPA regulates asbestos in school buildings, public and commercial buildings, at clean-up sites, and in certain asbestos products. EPA and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are also responsible for regulating environmental exposure and protecting workers from asbestos exposure

This 1-day (8 Hours) refresher course is intended for personnel who will disturb small amounts of asbestos as a result of routine or emergency maintenance or repair work. The course covers health effects, work practices, personnel protective equipment, regulations and other topics per EPA and OSHA guidance. The focus is on conducting safe, small scale disturbance of asbestos using appropriate work practices and protective equipment. This course contains a review of hands on elements and is covered in the Experidoc Performance Evaluation.

Mandatory – Print & Read First – 8 Hr Asbestos O&M Refresher Course Syllabus

Required Materials

Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Initial Manual – Complete

EPA Green Book – Managing Asbestos In Place

OSHA Power Point Presentation 29 CFR 1926.1101

Supplemental Materials

Glossary: Asbestos O & M Initial

Hyperlinks – Asbestos Operations & Maintenance

Course Information

Estimated Time: 8 hours


Course Instructor

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Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Refresher Course


EPA Model Asbestos O & M Course