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Permit Required Confined Spaces Course Description

This course covers the definitions of a confined space, and that of a permit required confined space, the various conditions requiring a written confined space entry permit, typical confined-space hazards, and the functions and duties of entrants, attendants, rescue personnel, and supervisors. Scenarios include site characterization, security, and emergency evacuation for different types of confined spaces, as well as various work activities (such as hot work) and equipment that are appropriate and inappropriate for use in confined space situations. A review of 29 CFR 1910.146 and 29 CFR 1926. Recordkeeping requirements are also discussed, and sample permits are reviewed.

Open and Print First – Syllabus and Performance Eval – PRCS

Required Materials

Permit Required Confined Spaces Presentation

Improper Ventilation Cause Fire in Confined Space Video –  1.5 min

Painting in Confined Space Causes Fire Video – 2 min

OSHA 3138 Permit Required Confined Spaces

Atmospheric Testing for Confined Spaces Fact Sheet

Permit Required Confined Spaces Text

OSHA 3825 Compliance Guide for Confined Spaces in Construction

OSHA GI Outreach Permit-Required Confined Spaces

Supplemental Materials

Hazard Communication Presentation

Lockout Tagout Presentation

OSHA 3914 Confined Spaces in Residential Construction

OSHA 3939 Confined Space Entry on a Farm

OSHA Quick Card PRCS

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 hours

Course Instructor

sitecontrol Author

Permit Required Confined Spaces