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Emergency Preparedness and First Aid Course Description

Every employee engaged in field activities should know the basics of emergency planning, first aid, and CPR because these activities are often conducted in remote, inaccessible areas. If an illness or injury occurs in these circumstances, employees have to depend on their own training until medical help arrives. Basic Steps of First Aid and CPR are covered.

Open and Print First – Syllabus and Performance Eval – Emergency Planning and First Aid

Required Materials

Emergency Preparedness and First Aid Presentation

Basic Steps for CPR

Basic Steps for First Aid

Emergency Preparedness & First Aid Text

OSHA 3317 First Aid

Bloodborne Pathogens OSHA Outreach

Supplemental Materials

OSHA 3088 – How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies

OSHA Fact Sheet – Planning and Responding to Workplace Emergencies

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Course Instructor

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Emergency Preparedness and First Aid