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Fall protection is required by OSHA in many different situations. Ladders, scaffolds, lifts, hoisting operations, walking and working surfaces, and working on roofs are some of the major areas of concern, and some requirements differ depending on whether the work activity is covered by the construction standard or the general industry standard. Guardrail requirements are discussed, as well as the elements and use of personal fall arrest systems. An exercise in measurements of safety-zone roof widths for different roof types is conducted, for fall protection involving safety monitoring instead of protective equipment. Sample safety plans are also reviewed.

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Required Course Materials

Fall Protection Presentation

5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Falls Video – 1 min

Fall Protection in Construction – OSHA3146

Falls in Construction: Leading Edge Work Video – 3 min

Falls in Construction: Reroofing Video – 3 min

Falls in Construction: Floor Openings – 3 min

Fall Protection CI Outreach

Fall Protection Hyperlinks

Supplemental Materials

Fall Prevention Training Guide – OSHA3666

OSHA’s Fall Protection Policies for Residential Construction Video – 25 min

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Estimated Time: 3 Hours

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Fall Protection