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Lead Awareness Course Description

Pure lead (Pb) is a heavy metal at room temperature and pressure. A basic chemical element, it can combine with various other substances to form numerous lead compounds. Lead has been poisoning workers for thousands of years. Lead can damage the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, hematological system, and kidneys. When absorbed into the body in high enough doses, lead can be toxic. In addition, workers’ lead exposure can harm their children’s development. This course covers awareness and OSHA lead regulations.

Open and Print First – Syllabus and Performance Eval – Lead Awareness

Required Materials

Lead Awareness Presentation

Overview: Lead & Health Effects Video – 4 min

Lead Exposure Risks at Home Video – 5 min

Lead Exposure Risks in the Workplace Video – 6 min

OSHA 3142 Lead in Construction

Lead in Construction OSHA Outreach

Hyperlinks for Course – Lead Awareness

Supplemental Materials

OSHA Fact Sheet Protecting Workers from Lead Hazards

OSHA 3772 Protecting Workers at Indoor Firing Ranges

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Course Instructor

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Lead Awareness