Our Online Training Approach

Our approach to online training is unique and we strive to meets and/or exceed OSHA, EPA, DOT, and other applicable regulations and/or guidance documents. Our training programs are FREE, our exams are competency based, and our costs are low!. Our coursework is available 24/7 for download, printing, and review, such that training can continue even when you do not have access to the internet. No need to pay extra for course materials. They are here for review, remedial training, or your own personal compilation when you desire!! Simply got to Online Courses and find the individual topics you would like to study as part of your course.

As part of our coursework we implement an approach of blended training to meet course objectives through the use of “Performance Evaluations” in conjunction with the cognitive knowledge training received though the course materials of the ExperiDoc program. This approach ensures that not only are cognitive knowledge levels being developed, but psychomotor skills are fostered as well.

The student will download a syllabus and performance evaluation sheet. The syllabus must be followed and the performance evaluation must be completed as it is an integral part of your training.

The ExperiDoc “Performance Evaluation” can be completed in a multitude of ways. Typically, the student will have a person who possesses appropriate academic credentials, has completed equivalent training, or is competent in the skills or knowledge of the subject matter they are evaluating, perform said evaluation. If the participant possesses any of these qualifications, they may self certify their own performance evaluation.

Even though ExperidDoc, LLC allows self-certification on the Performance Evaluation, we still recommend the use of a third-party evaluator. This third party “Performance Evaluator” can be a qualified coworker, supervisor, safety officer, safety professional, local training provider, or qualified emergency responders, as examples. Be creative in finding a Performance Evaluator.

Upon completion of the guided, self-paced, self-study, prescribed coursework per the syllabus and performance evaluation, the course registrant will enter the proprietary testing portal where he/she will be challenged with a prescribed number of test questions from our examination bank that tie directly into the course objectives. These test questions have been developed by subject matter experts experienced with instructional design methodologies and reviewed for validity. The testing protocol in itself is also designed to be a learning opportunity.

The registrant must receive a minimum score of 70% to pass the test for most certifications. However, missed questions and correct answers should be reviewed and corrected to achieve a score of 100% to ensure the objectives of the course, topic, or lesson are met. This ensures cognitive knowledge levels are being developed during the examination process.

If the course participant fails to achieve a minimum score of 70% or the prescribed challenge criteria, the participant will receive another random examination presentation from our bank of test questions. To further ensure the validity our testing process, plausible distracters for the test questions will also be randomly distributed in case the participant receives an identical test question.

There is no limit to the number of times an enrollee may take an examination. Additionally, ExperiDoc, encourages the use of resource materials, such as regulations and downloaded and printed course material that relate to the particular course topic while taking computer generated examinations. As eluded to previously, this ensures the examination functions as a learning opportunity as well as an objective summative exam.

Additionally, for students which are challenged with reading or who have a fear of computer training, ExperiDoc will allow the use of the use of a course administrator and/or examination proctor/moderator/training facilitator to guide, review, and help meet the objectives of the coursework and complete the examination with the participant. The course proctor/moderator must print and sign their name on the last page of the “Performance Evaluation” as well as check off their applicable qualifications. This helps ensure that our training can be a viable option for a wide spectrum of participants with various backgrounds, knowledge levels, and degrees of literacy.

To ensure regulatory time requirements are met or exceeded, we utilize a unique approach that combines recognized methodologies currently in use by other providers and educational institutions, and combine it with our proprietary “Training Experience Documenter.” The Training Experience Documentor records your entire training experience to meet regulatory minimum or suggested time requirements.


  1. When you successfully complete your required exams in our proprietary “Testing and Certification” portal for a course, the Training Experience Documentor  will appear prior to generation of your certification. This consists of 4 drop down boxes with training times and an affirmation of identity/terms and conditions check box. The Training Experience Documentor will then allow you to enter and summarize your training experiences which can be utilized to meet regulatory certification time requirements.
  2. The “Training Experience Documenter” will ONLY document course related learning and training experiences which have occurred over the last 6 months. These learning and training experiences can include:
    • Training time associated with viewing and studying course materials while online.
    • Training time associated with viewing and studying course materials while offline.
    • Training time in the actual conduct of “Hands-on Performance Evaluations”.
    • Course related Safety Talks or Pre-Job Safety Briefings attended in the last 6 months.
  1. If you are still insufficient in meeting your regulatory time requirements after completing our “Training Experience Documenter”, you will then be directed to complete additional related training activities to supplement your learning experience and fulfill your time requirements
  2. Upon completion of the use of the use of our proprietary “Training Experience Documenter”, you will be required to self certify that all of your documented experiences are true to the best of your knowledge and that you have actually completed the documented activities yourself and within the last 6 months.
  3. Upon meeting specified time requirements in the “Training Experience Documentor”, your certification will be electronically generated documenting your training completion and will be available for immediate printing.

We differ in our approach from the majority of competition as we recognize the following:

  • Our training programs are FREE and corresponding examinations are competively priced!
  • We document and count training time completed offline as part of the training process.
  • The use of “Performance Evaluations” help ensure course objectives are met and that the participant develops psychomotor skills in addition to cognitive knowledge.
  • Participants with additional applicable training, on or off the job, completed within the last 6 months can be counted towards meeting regulatory time requirements. This can include other coursework and even related safety talks or pre-job safety briefings.

We at ExperiDoc hope you enjoy your training experience and the rich resources available to you to help provide for a work place free of recognized safety and environmental health hazards. Should you have any questions or need additional assistance please refer to our most “Frequently Asked Questions”.

In summary, our goal is to provide a user-friendly testing and certification process online, that is simple, convenient, competitively priced, reliable, available for studying without internet access, and is a valid method for achieving certification requirements.