About Us

Welcome to the official ExperiDoc, LLC website for online occupational safety and environmental health and informational training and certification.

We provide free training and low cost examinations to our clients! We serve a multitude of companies that range from individuals, small and medium sized businesses, federal and state regulatory agencies, and companies that are in the Fortune 500.

We have implemented a unique approach to online training that recognizes the research and convenience that online training brings to the user, uses an approach of blended training (online instruction and performance evaluations), provides a means to document training and experiences, and utilizes a propriety testing and certification portal to provide documentation of required regulatory and informational training.

Our goal is to provide accurate, clear, credible, and practical training. Our design and development team have followed current research and standards in the development of our coursework. These include OSHA 3824 (2015), ANSI Z-490.1, ANSI/AIHA Z10, and NIEHS WETP.

We provide free training and low cost examinations to our clients.

Free Training is available for all of our topics wich make up our coursework. Just go to online training and click on the individual topics that make up our courses and study the material following our course syllabus and performance evaluation for said topic. Feel free to download and print any and all of our resources.

When you are ready to attempt your competency exam for the topic or course, simply log in with minimal information, and enroll to complete our objective summative examination for the topic or course. Upon successful completion of the coursework and the paid examination, you will be provided the opportunity to document your training experience by printing the course certificate. The certificate will be generated immediately in a PDF format for the use of the participant in meeting training requirements.

ExperiDoc, LLC is an occupational safety and environmental health consulting organization, which focuses on safety and health regulatory training and program development. Our goal is to achieve excellence in our endeavors to protect people, property, and the environment, while continuously striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.