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Hand and Portable Powered Tools Course Description

This course  looks at the various hazards associated with working with tools and identifies ways to prevent worker injury through proper use of tools and personal protective equipment. The employer is ultimately responsible for the safe condition of tools and equipment used by employees. Employers should never issue or permit the use of unsafe hand and power tools. Employees should be trained in the proper use and handling of tools and equipment. Workers should also be able to recognize the hazards associated with the different types of tools and the safety precautions necessary.

Open and Read First – Syllabus and Performance Eval – Hand Portable Powered Tools

Required Materials

Hand & Power Tools Presentation

OSHA 3080 Hand and Power Tools

Hand and Portable Powered Tools OSHA Outreach GI

Hyperlinks for Course – HPPT

Supplemental Materials

Amputation – Fact Sheet

Hand & Power Tools OSHA Outreach CI

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 hours


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Hand and Portable Powered Tools