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Hazard Communication Standard

The “Haz-Com” standard is one of the most frequently-violated regulations in OSHA history, mainly because companies fail to be specific enough in training workers on the hazardous chemicals used on the job. This course covers what products need to have label information and Safety Data Sheets, the contents of a SDS, what hazardous chemicals are covered in the standards, when temporary containers must be labeled, and references communication techniques in relation to other (non-chemical) hazards. The course also cross-references other OSHA standards requiring hazard postings, as well as hazard warning signs and notifications used by other agencies, and discusses communication procedures used for multi-employer worksites.

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Required Materials

Hazard Communication Presentation

Health Hazards in Construction Presentation

OSHA3695- Compliance Guidebook

OSHA3696 – OSHA HazCom Fact Sheet

OSHA3636-Labels and Pictograms


Supplemental Materials

Glossary of Terms OSHA Outreach

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Estimated Time: 2.00 Hours

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Hazard Communication