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This course will teach students about different soil and rock types, as well as soil density and moisture content, all of which affect the potential for a cave-in. Definitions of an excavation and a trench are covered, and the depths at which preventive measures are required are stated. Different types of shoring equipment and trench boxes are discussed and shown graphically, as well as sloping and benching strategies, including slope angles and benching heights and widths.

Open and Print First – Syllabus and Performance Eval – Excavations

Required Materials

Excavations Presentation

Excavations: Trenching Video – 9 min

Excavations: Soil Classification Video – 11 min

Excavations 2002 OSHA 2226

OSHA Outreach Excavations

OSHA Outreach Classification of Soil Texture

OSHA Outreach Mechanics of a Cave-In

Supplemental Materials

OSHA Quick Card for Trenching

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 Hours


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